Teardrop Lava and Chrysoclla and Silver Pendant

SKU: 026

This unique piece of lava stone is coupled with a vivid 10mm crysocolla bead hung on a silver bail on a 22 inch snake sterling silver chain. Lava is perfect for doTERRA Certified Therapetic Grade Essential Oils (see my doTERRA page). Lava is known to be grounding and calming being used for stabilising the root Chakra giving you the feeling of safety helping you to be more positive and anchored. Chrystocolla with the serenity of its colour discharges negative energies and calms. It encourages compassion and strenghens character, coupled with the healing and restorative power of sterling silver which amplifies the properties of the gemstones what a powerful combination. Total drop of the pendant is 7cms. 


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