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This is me!

Updated: May 13, 2021

A couple of the best things in my life, my fur babies.

Ok so this is me

Usually I am very camera shy, but I figure if you're going to have a website and be on social media then I need to get over myself and show you who I am. Now above is two of my besties Mia, the black dog and Blue the grey whippet. The other besitie is Milla she is a blonde retriever (the one in the photo on my home page) more about them in a moment.

My journey with doTERRA pure tested grade essential oils happened a few years ago when I was introduced to them by another bestie, these besties are stacking up as I have always considered myself a bit of a Billy no mates, Kathy Newman and quite frankly the smell just blew me away. Little did I know how much they would change my life and the lives of those around me.

Again nearly a year ago we noticed that Milla had rather a firm tummy and took her to the vet for an ultrasound and were devastated to find that she had a massive growth (tumour) the size of a football and a half, at that point the only suggestions that the vet had was to put her to sleep there and then or live with it, either way the prognosis was not good and she was given no more than 6 weeks to live. I discussed Milla's diagnosis with Kathy and we decided nothing ventured nothing gained so I used a combination of Frankincense and peppermint on her back paws 3 times a day, with essential oils they can go effectively to exactly where you need them if applied to the feet. I used the oils neat on Milla, I am not suggesting that this is what you do, always dilute in carrier oil for animals. well the upshot of the story is that a couple of months later (having added Copaiba to the oils that I was applying) Milla's tumour shrank considerably to an operable size. it was confirmed that the tumour was a giant haematoma, a bleed from her spleen, that was removed and Milla is now fit as a flea and twice as lively.

To be continued, Mia's story is next.......!

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