About Me

Welcome, step into my love of jewellery, crystals and essential oils and how they can all be used to enhance your life in both a subtle and more profoundly powerful way. Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain crystals, a particular piece of gemstone jewellery? Why a certain aroma uplifts or calms you, well continue being curious and hopefully I can help answer your questions. Without necessarily  knowing why you are actually drawn to crystals and aromas that can benefit your wellbeing and in my descriptions of the crystals and jewellery in my shop I explain what those properties are and how they can help. I will also be exploring the powerful healing properties of pure essential oils.

I was born and raised in London where I studied jewellery design and always have incorporated crystals into my designs. In my 20's I made the move to Wales and the Black Mountains where I have settled in a rural location on the side of the Sugar Loaf mountain. 

This in itself has inspired my creativity, I have always had a huge passion for all things organic and geometrical. These element repeat all the way through the nature and landscape that surrounds and inspires me on a daily basis. While working I am continuously inspired by the piece that I am working on quite often triggering new designs. Jewellery is my therapy and it transports me into another world almost a mandative state and now I wish to share my passion with you. 



The benefits of using doTERRA essential oils with Elsa Cleminson's jewellery

As a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA certified pure tested grade essential oils, I feel that we are all far more aware of the need to better care for ourselves more naturally, sustainably and in less chemically damaging ways whilst still protecting the increasingly threatened world around us.

Just as naturally produced essential oils protect and help plants adapt to the constantly changing environment so too can they provide almost endless benefits to us.

They may be enjoyed topically by applying them directly onto the skin to help with conditions or problem areas. They can be inhaled directly from the bottle or diffused by adding a small drop onto clothing, jewellery or in a diffuser. This method enhances mood and emotions, aids memory and can also control hormones. Finally, they may be taken internally by a small but powerful droplet making a delicious addition to any meal or drinks.

Benefits and uses are virtually infinite in whichever form they are enjoyed, from medicinal purposes such as to promote sleep, aid digestion, mental wellbeing, manage pain and aid weight loss, not to mention as cleaning agents on multi work surfaces. Even to helping our beloved pets with everyday complaints and more serious conditions.

Perhaps of greatest value, however is with emotional support, encouraging, motivating and uplifting us, in these fast moving days, in times of stress negativity and low mood.

If you would like further information or advice on theses affordable inspiring doTERRA pure tested grade essential oils, please don’t hesitate to contact me I will be happy to explain their uses and how they have helped millions of people around the world and tell you how they have greatly enhanced my life and that of my family and even my pets!

I can be contacted on 07742 878533 or email me at elsa@elsacleminson.co.uk